Rik Oclon - Game Developer/Designer/Artist

Retro Space Ball

Retro Space Ball takes a classic top-down space shooter and merges it with classic pinball while using pixel art and synth-wave soundscapes to hit you in the retro feels! The alpha release is available to play for free on Android devices or using a convenient web player at

 https://rikoclon.itch.io/retro-space-ball ENJOY!

Here is a video showing it off! https://youtu.be/pkWy3dXUReQ

RSB is currently being made as a solo project in Unity.

Light Switch Crusader

In Light Switch Crusader, you play as a man distraught with contempt for people who waste electricity. So what do you do in this moody stealth comedy, you help people out the only way you know how... ONE LIGHT AT A TIME...

Play the game on the web for free!!! ...and enjoy!!


Made in exactly 72 hours for Lundam Dare 39 Game Jam competition (themed "running out of power").

This is my first fully functional release!

A small team of one artist (myself) one programmer (Ibinary) and one composer (IndieManiac) came together to produce Light Switch Crusader using Unity game engine. The programmer and myself both worked on the design together and conveyed ideas to the composer. Every art element was made by myself. The characters, rigging, animation, modelling, texturing, level design, and even the voice acting and sound effects were all produced by myself. I did some lighting and also the main menu music.

Needless to say my heart was very much put into this for every second of those 72 hours, and I'm very pleased with the results.

Here is a video of someone who managed to find the game in the first few days of release, and streamed a video of them LOVING it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CW5B1wZZzS8&t=1s

Destroyer of the Heavens

 (working title)
An ancient craft of unsurpassed magnitude is uncovered on earth. One pilot must be chosen to bring evil forces from the depths of the universe to their knees. The player pilots an "Asteroids control style" ship as well as aims the mounted turret. This gives the game a  2.5D "Solar Jetman feel," but the camera follows the ship, allowing the player to loose orientation. Navigating gravity and space, and destroying enemies ships are only the basics of what adventures lie in store. I am deriving much influence from, notably, FTL and the Rama novel series, as well as many other sci-fi sources. The game is currently in the pre-Alpha stages of development and an Alpha Demo, as well as videos, will be available to play and watch here soon! 

Come back soon!

Thanks for viewing/sharing!
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