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               Digital Artist with a Deep Understanding of Fine Art

Being an already avid drawing artist and finger-painter in my very early childhood, I first started using a computer to make art at the age of 6 using MS Paint. I was the first person to find a now well-known Easter-egg input combination in Gradius III while I was only in grade school, and it was publicized in Game Informer Magazine. My love for multimedia caused me to quickly advanced to recording editing and producing sound as well as learning advanced graphic creation techniques. During my days in grade school & junior high school I would spend my free time successfully teaching myself to mod computer games and even hack console games without access to the internet. When I was In high school I excelled in graphic aspects of art and took on new media such as painting, photography, ceramics, steel sculpture, basic video and DVD production, and eventually began editing and designing simple animations and video game assets. In college I honed in on my abilities of figurative drawing and painting, while also picking up new talents in the multimedia field such as graphic/web design, advanced 3D/2D animation, digital video shooting, editing, and production, CG Scene design, Level Design, modelling, Character Design, lighting, and rendering, Digital Interiors/Exterior Design, as well as classical figurative additive sculpture. After much trial and error with different coding languages and game engines, my love and drive for game design and creation has brought me to game development using C# in the Unity game engine, where my existing passion for interactive media and creation has been increasing exponentially since 2013.


  • Gameplay Design (C# Unity)
  • Game Development (C# Unity)
  • 3D Modelling (3dsMax, Zbrush)
  • Texturing (Photoshop)
  • Rigging (3DS Max, Unity)
  • Lighting (3DS Max, Unity)
  • Animation (2D & 3D)
  • Rendering (3DS Max, Unity)
  • Digital Video (After Effects)
  • Graphic Design (Adobe CS)
  • Digital Painting (Photoshop)
  • Cinema/Photography
  • Audio Production/Composition
  • Fine Art (Oil, Sculpture, etc.)

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Contact - Rik Oclon

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